5 Cool Features of the Troxus Explorer Step-Over 26 E-bike

5 Cool Features of the Troxus Explorer Step-Over 26 E-bike

The Explorer Step-Over 26 is a higher-end electric bike from Troxus. It is also one of the most popular models among the Troxus lineup, and with this post, you’ll discover why.

Here are five features of the Explorer Step-Over 26 E-bike that make it an attractive option:

  1. Powerful Bafang Rear Hub Motor that supports speeds of up to 28mph.

The Troxus Explorer is unmatched with a high-powered 750-watt, brushless motor. This can provide a max speed of up to 28mph and a max torque of 80Nm, giving riders extra stability.

It can carry up to 275 pounds (weight capacity), which means taller or bigger riders won’t have to compromise speed due to their weight.

  1. Super-strong, 26-inch by 4-inch, All-terrain Kendra Fat Tires.

One look at the Explorer, and you know that those bulky tires won’t give out on you so early. They’re made of a mix of aramid and ceramic materials, which forms a unique defense line along the sidewalls and under the tread area.

These 26-inch fat tires are puncture-proof, so no glass, rocks or other elements could poke the tires when you’re riding.

  1. Removable and replaceable 48V 20Ah Samsung Lithium Battery.

One of the most important parts of an electric bike is the battery since these cells power up your machine once pedaling is no longer an option. Because the Explorer uses Samsun lithium battery cells, which boasts up to 62 miles of cycling per charge, you’ll be able to ride worry-free no matter the terrain, or weather conditions.

The Troxus Explorer’s battery was tested vigorously to withstand vibration, shock, impact, overcharging, forced discharge and thermal heat. It is also removable and potentially replaceable (if you buy a second battery pack), which can double your riding distance with every kit.

  1. Highly Responsive Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake Provides Extra Peace of Mind.

The Explorer’s hydraulic disc brake gives riders power-braking control, which you can feel across any terrain.

Aside from the high-end 6061 aluminum alloy frame used in building the Troxus Explorer, this model also has an 8-Speed Shimano Derailleur gear shift system with five-Level Pedal Assist controls, which you can easily adjust via the left-side thumb throttle.

  1. Integrated smart display and rack for cargo.

Many riders love the functionality of a built-in rear rack since it gives them the option to add a child seat (so their kid can enjoy riding with them, too!) or connect a wagon (if they need to haul heavy stuff home).

Another integrated feature is the smart display. The backlit LCD display gives you information about your battery, speed, trip distance, and assistance level in one quick glance (it’s located in front of you). This way, you’ll never ride your bike blind, and you’re always aware of the bike’s performance.

If you compare the other electric bikes on Troxus's page, you’ll see that the improvements made for the Explorer Step-Over 26 E-bike are apparent and intentional. And because this model is available in black and blue, it’s easy to buy two, invite your partner to ride with you, and explore the city or great outdoors in style and comfort.