Tactical Badge Holder: The Best Way To Keep Your ID and Badge Safe Too!

Tactical Badge Holder: The Best Way To Keep Your ID and Badge Safe Too!

Tactical badge holders are one of the best ways to keep your ID and Badge safe too. The slim design of these specialty holders makes it very easy to slip your card into them and just as easy to take it out again with no fumbling around when you need it. But why should you invest in a tactical badge holder? Here are a few reasons we suggest you get one:

It’s Compact And Conceals Easily

If you need to keep your badge and ID discretely on you at all times, then a tactical badge holder is something to consider. If you are someone in a job that requires you to have your credentials on you at all times, then this could be a very important item to have with you. Especially if you are working in a law enforcement job, a security job, or some profession that requires you to regularly carry credentials with you. These holders are compact and often conceal easily under a shirt or jacket pocket. Most have a thin design that makes it easy to slip a badge in and out and then conceal in your pocket or purse too.

Durable and Weather Resanced

A tactical badge holder is designed to last and these are usually made from durable plastic materials and then protected with a weather resistant coating. This means they will last and look good even after being exposed to the elements too. Some of these holders come with a clip so you can attach your badge to the inside of the holder too. This helps to keep it protected from scratches and dirt too.

Easy To Carry Around

If you are someone who loves to be hands-free at all times with your credentials, then a tactical badge holder could be what you need. This is especially if you travel a lot or need to regularly have your credentials with you. Tactical badge holders are very easy to carry around as they are often small and slim, and many have a clip so you can attach them to your keychain or belt loop for convenience.

Keeps Your Badge Safe From Dirt And Scratching

A major benefit of a tactical badge holder is that it keeps your credentials safe from dirt and scratching. This is important if you are someone who regularly has their badge or ID card in their handbag or car or lets it get covered in dirt or sand. These holders keep your credentials clean and scratch free while also protecting them from getting damaged. This helps to ensure they are in good condition and readable when you need them.


The best way to keep your credentials safe is with a tactical badge holder. They are compact and conceal easily and protect your credentials from dirt and scratches. A tactical badge holder is a great way to keep your credentials safe. If you want to buy one, don't forget to visit https://powtegic.com/product/tactical-id-holder/ for the best selection. Get one today!