What is an artificial turf supplying company?

What is an artificial turf supplying company?

Many artificial turf suppliers use different techniques to make artificial turfs. CCGrass is one of the manufacturing companies that not only manufactures artificial turfs but also supplies and installs them in other countries of the world. CCGrass has considered one of the best artificial turf manufacturing and supply companies worldwide. it is only because of the quality of the product of the CCGrass. This company never compromises on the product's quality and also gives the customer a considerable cost benefit. The products of this company are preferred in more than 140 countries.

CCGrass not only manufactures artificial turfs of one dimension but works to the customer's requirements. Its working professionals have significant experience working with the world's leading sports organizations, such as FIFA, FIH AND World Rugby. The synthetic turf manufacturing and installing experts are available on the website of the CCGrass, which helps the customer make arrangements and supply the product. These experts stay updated with the latest techniques, trends, and problems a customer faces. They also communicate with the working professionals and update them about the latest issues. The solutions to these latest problems are solved with any innovative idea.

Why the turf of CCGrass?

There are many companies all around the world which manufacture and supply artificial turfs. But, CCGrass has the honor to call itself the pioneer of this innovation. CCGrass came up with the idea of synthetic turf, and now it manufactures the turf required for sports, commercial areas, residential purposes, pets, city landscapes and much more. As CCGrass does not compromise on the quality of the product, the product does not need any maintenance, watering, optimal drainage or mowing. Due to a high-quality product, there is no damage to the surface of grass during heat stroke or in winter.

Rugby turfs by CCGrass:

As mentioned earlier, CCGrass makes artificial turfs for sports purposes as well. One of the products is rugby turf, as the rugby players do not compromise on the Head Injury Criteria (HIC). CCGrass communicates with laboratories that are accredited with World Rugby to test the quality of the rugby turf. The impact Attenuation, which means Head Injury criteria, is greater than or equal to 1.3. The tuft withdrawal is always kept greater than or equal to 20N. The shock absorption ranges from 57% - 68%. Energy restitution ranges from 22% - 48%. The pile height of CCGrass' rugby turf is always greater than or equal to 60mm, while the vertical deformation ranges from 6mm – 10mm. The rugby turf manufactured by CCGrass has a playing time of at least 30 hours per week. It is not damaged by intense usage and requires less maintenance. Artificial turf requires less water and is recyclable too. The best quality rugby turf is suited to extreme weather conditions. World Rugby is an institution responsible for monitoring rugby matches and setting the game's rules and principles. It considers the best manufacturers of artificial turfs as Preferred Turf Producers. CCGrass is considered a Preferred Turf Producers.