Why Suorin Shine Pod Kit is the Next Big Thing

Why Suorin Shine Pod Kit is the Next Big Thing

With the rise of smokers around the world, vape industry has made progress over the years significantly. With several different types of systems available with just a few clicks, anyone can access anything of their choice. You can visit here to learn more. With the variety of systems, flavors, tank sizes etc., vapes are the next best thing to cigarettes. Not only does one get to control how much nicotine they consume every day, but with the help of vapes, one can change and modify their vape to their own wishes. Suorin shine is a new pod system that has been introduced recently.

In this article everything about Suorin Shine  Pod Kit has been discussed. From the advantages to features, everything is covered for any interested reader.

Why You Should Buy Suorin shine

Suorin Shine Pod is one of the most innovative products that is in the market right now. This pod successfully mixes the dimensions of the cigarettes with hits of pod kits.

1. Several Color Options

As a buyer, one might have specific requirements when it comes to a pod kit. As one can carry the Suorin Shine Pod with all the time, they can turn this into a fashion statement. Because of that, Suorin shine is available in several different colors. Each color is vibrant, bright and soothing to the eyes.

2. Pocket-friendly

Suorin shine was created for comfort. To ensure everyone gets the best out of it and can satisfy their nicotine cravings, Suorin shine has the dimensions of 104mm x 24mm x 14mm. This size makes it perfect to take on the daily. If one wishes to smoke discreetly while they are out, Suorin Shine Pod is the perfect choice for them.

3. 700mAh Battery Capacity

Suorin shine is designed to be the best at what it does. Nobody likes it when their vape runs out of battery while they are outside. That is why, Suorin SHine Pod comes with a 700mAh battery that can be charged up in 40 minutes. With that one charge, it can be used throughout the entire day. This fast charging and long lasting battery makes this pod kit one of the best in the market.

4. Value For Money

Suorin shine is at the level of other popular vape kits in functionality while costing barley a fraction of that price. With bright vibrant colors and high quality materials, Suorin shines are the best kits that one can buy as a vape lover on a budget.

5. High-quality Product Quality

Each shine pod is made of high quality zinc alloy that ensures long term use. With bright vibrant colors, this pod will surely be the center of attention wherever it is. The mouth piece of these pods are made of high grade silicon to ensure comfortable smoking.

6. Can Charge Via USB

This pod is USB compatible. This was designed into the features to ensure that, if the pod were to run out of battery, one can easily charge it with their power banks. It is convenient, lightweight and low maintenance as a whole.

7. Battery Level Indicator

Suorin shine comes with a convenient battery level indicator. If the battery is over 70%, there is a green light. If it is between 70 to 30% the color changes to yellow. Red indicates lower than 30% battery and that reminds one to charge it.


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